About GeoWize: Affordable Wisdom ~ Competitive Insight

Wayne Kocina GeowizeGeoWize was founded in January of 2003 by Wayne Kocina, a seasoned industry veteran more than 20 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Wayne has provided GIS site prospecting, customer targeting, lead generation, and consumer market potential analysis services and consulted for such companies as:

We have managed:

  • $100M AM-FM-GIS development & deployment projects
  • vehicle tracking projects
  • spatial enterprise data projects
  • hundreds of site prospecting, competitive intelligence, and market intelligence projects

We use ESRI’s ArcGIS and Business Analyst tools coupled with demographic, income, spending, market & spatial data from the world’s leading providers of this data. These are the same tools that many of the biggest and most successful retail business use to give them a real “competitive advantage” over their competitors.

Our missionProvide better information for better decisions to small and middle sized business giving them the same competitive advantage that the “big guys” have!

“At GeoWize we strive to empower small businesses with the same GIS analysis, secret weapon that big corporations have used for the past 25 years to steam roll over the little guys.”

We have extensive experience in enterprise data modeling, corporate shared database deployment & data stewardship.

Wayne strongly supports GIS education in the community. He served for two years as the president of the Rocky Mountain Geospatial Information Technology Association, and on the chapter’s board of directors for the two preceding years. The chapter’s charge was to promote GIS education through providing college scholarships to GIS students and continuing education programs for GIS professionals.

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