If you are an enterprise that provides products or services to other businesses, these GeoWize packages will enable you to know where your potential customers are and develop strategies for reaching them.
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Geographic Informations Systems for identifying B2B market data targeting


1. GIS Project Goal Setting Consultation – Your Needs Identified

We want to understand your business goals. We will determine the types of information you need to achieve your business and growth targets. Project Goal Setting includes:

  • Your growth plans and strategies
  • Your existing customers
  • Your  service and trade areas
  • Your geographic business considerations
  • Your customer, geography and industry targets


2. Preliminary Business Target List – What Does the Overall Market Look Like?

580 SMA-Target CompaniesThe GeoWize data stores include 18 million US businesses, all categorized by business codes. To help you obtain a comprehensive understanding of your target market, a complete list of all target businesses within the database will be extracted for your target service area. The information provided for each business will be:

  • Company Name
  • Location Address (street address, city, state, zip code)
  • Industry Codes (SIC (Standard Industry Code) & NAICS (North American Industry Classification System))
  • Estimated Annual Sales
  • Number of Employees


3. Comprehensive Data Summary and Map – Who Are They, Where Are They?

Your target customers are summarized and mapped with our state-of-the-art GIS analysis system. With these tools you will:

  • View the data on maps that will expose valuable relationships between the data and the geography
  • Get tabular summary of the data by industry and geographic area (state, county, Zipcode, etc.)
  • Analyze and sort the individual company records
  • Define a prospecting strategy for your sales and marketing staff

580 B2B Prospect by State Count Map580 Summary Analysis zoom


4. Growth Strategy Consultation – Understanding Your Data!

During this live phone session we will present our data to enable you to develop strategies and make sound business growth decisions:

  • Review all business intelligence data
  • Discuss the source and scope of the information
  • Identify elements affecting accuracy, so effective business decisions can be made with the information
  • Train you in the use of the analysis tools: AutoFilters & Pivot Tables (although there may be thousands of company records, we will show you how to drill into the data to find the records that you care about in just a matter of seconds)
  • Discuss the data views on the maps to help you see valuable relationships
  • Discuss how the information can be used to define and implement your growth strategies


5. Actionable Target Prospect List – Connecting With Potential Customers!

580 Prospect List-1

Sample Company Record

Get deeper intelligence on up to 300 of your target companies. Get actual contact names, titles and phone numbers for each prospect. We help you drill down based on the strategy we defined together that will enable you to crate a plan that will support your tactics. Who are your best targets:

  • Company Name
  • Mailing Address (street address, city, state, zip code, carrier route, delivery bar code)
  • Location Address (street address, city, state, zip code, carrier route, delivery bar code)
  • County
  • Contact (last name, first name, gender, business title, professional title)
  • Phone Number
  • Web Address for the company website
  • Employees (number and size range)
  • Estimated Sales Volume and range
  • Primary NAICS code & Description
  • SIC Codes (three levels – primary, secondary, & third)
  • Franchise/Specialties
  • Industry Data
  • Credit Score (alpha & numeric)
  • Year 1st Appeared
  • Square Footage
  • Business Type (firm or Individual)
  • PC Code Range
  • Metro Area
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Date List Produced
  • List Source

The data listing above is for the comprehensive record; mailing only and telemarketing lists can also be obtained.  Additional records can also be purchased, if desired.

6. Competitive Analysis – Who Are You Up Against?

Whether you are looking for analytical competitive information or you are interested in growth by acquisition, GeoWize can supply you with the business intelligence needed to dominate the market  The competitive analysis includes:

  • A Strategic Market Analysis of Competitor Industries
  • A Comprehensive List of Competitors that includes the same data in our Actionable Target Prospect List
  • A Competition Map (competitor types can be uniquely symbolized & include a key code so they can be cross-referenced to the tabular list)


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