Do You Understand Your Market Trade Area?

With our Demographic Data, you can

  • Understand who your profitable customers are and find more like them
  • Identify new growth areas for products and services
  • Pinpoint changes in housing markets and household formations
  • Determine the economic effects of higher interest rates and rising debt
  • Prospect for successful retail sites
  • Adjust merchandising to match the characteristics of your trade or service area

Demographic Data

Our business analysis software contains more than 1,500 demographic data variables including current-year estimates and five-year projections. This data is augmented by current estimates for employee population, population by occupation/industry, disposable income, and consumer expenditures all at the state, county, ZIP Code, census tract, block group, Core Based Statistical Area, and Designated Market Area geography levels. Community Tapestry segmentation data is available at the census tract level.

The Demographic & Income Profile report provides a summary of population, households, families, and household income with a comparison of the study area to the state and national averages in the same parameter. Detailed breakdowns of population by age, income, and ethnicity are provided.

In all, we have more than fifty reports available providing critical business insight into specialized areas such as the health and medical, automotive aftermarket, restaurant, cosmetic and beauty, and recreational industries. Each report also contains an overview of the basic demographics such as population, households, and families.

Demographic Data Source

Virtually all demographic data in the United States originates with the decade US census conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. The last US census was conducted in 2010.

Demographic Data Maintenance

so how is this data kept relevant and up to date so it can be utilized in today’s business environment? ESRI (Economic & Social Research Institute), our data provider, has a team of one hundred demographers, statisticians, economists and geographers that maintain the demographic data using weekly postal delivery data and other resources to provide current year statistics and five year forecasts.

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