When I first heard of GeoWize I thought, “Why would I need a Google Map for marketing?” Wow! Was I blown away with the research, data, and most importantly, insight. This insight has caused us to revamp our entire marketing strategy. And we’re already seeing results. I don’t know where we’d be without it.

Reflective Group completely overhauled their marketing strategy based on the insight gained from GeoWize. Reflective Group expects to hire 9 new employees and triple revenue to $1,400,000 in 2014.

Mike Bosch, CEO, President Reflective Group

Mike Bosch

“Wayne prepared and coordinated a collaborative presentation that was delivered to our Executive Vice President and a group of vice presidents representing Legal, Compliance, and Public Policy. By the end of the meeting, the analysis project was approved and fully funded.”

– Jeff Hubbard
Qwest Technical Regulatory
Jeff Hubbard

“Your intimate knowledge of GIS software and datasets and your ability to provide in depth charts, maps and tables for use with local businesses has been sterling. You bring unparalleled corporate sophistication to small, growing companies around the country. I believe you are pioneering a whole new market for GIS services. Thanks a bunch.”

-Chris Gibbons
Founder, Economic Gardening Jupstart,
City of Littleton, Colorado
Chris Gibbons

“Wayne is dependable and dedicated. He learned a lot about our business and through these insights was able to drive tremendous informational value out of a relatively modest amount of customer and store data.

I would not hesitate to engage Wayne and GeoWize to support corporate planning processes through demographic mapping and similar analytical tools. His broad business knowledge, dependable service and insights of demographic information as well as ESRI software added value to our projects and reflected well on our studies and presentations.”

– Edward C. Prunier Jr.
Former VP Real Estate & Construction
Big O Tires
Edward C. Prunier