How to find the best location for your restaurant


Don’t Leave It To Chance! 


How will you pick the best possible location for your business?

Whether you are investing your nest egg on a new restaurant or picking the next location for your franchise, GeoWize Geographical Information Services (GIS) will take the guesswork out of picking the best place for your startup!

How will you pick a location for your restaurant?




 What will Geographic Information do for me?

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Geographic Information Lets You Make Decisions With Confidence!

Different types of restaurants attract different diners at different times. We can help you choose based on your unique offerings. Competitors and feeder businesses can both help and hurt your success. Traffic and commuting patterns, credit card expenditures, consumer demographics – You will be amazed at the wealth of information available!


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 Great Products and Atmosphere Does Not Guarantee Success!

Find the Best Location for Your Restaurant or Business!

You have perfected the recipes, prepared the menu, and are ready to invest in your dream of a lifetime. But are you really ready?

Find the best location for your restaurant




 A Professional Business Plan Needs A Professional Location Analysis

Bankers and Financial Backers Like Dealing With Professionals!

A detailed analysis of your trade area will reassure financiers that you have done your home work! Our Restaurant Site Analysis includes:

  • Restaurant Supply and Demand Analysis for Your Targeted Trade Area
  • Restaurant Market Potential Report
  • Targeted Dining Expenditure Patterns
  • Consumer Demographic Profile Analysis
  • Tapestry Segmentation Profile
  • Competitive Analysis Map & Competitor List
  • Feeder Business Analysis Map & Feeder Business List
  • Market Site Prospect Identification Analysis
  • Prospecting Analysis on 3 Target Sites

Find the best location for a restaurant!

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Community Tapestry Map


How to find the perfect location for a wedding

Before you select a location, GeoWize will help you answer these essential questions:

  1. What is the availability of consumers based on your restaurant hours i.e.,breakfast, lunch, dinner, or combination?
  2. What is your target trade area: walking or driving?
  3. Are your customers area residents, employees, commuters, tourists or other profiles?
  4. What are your “feeder” businesses; where are they located?
  5. What does the expenditure picture look like for your target market?
  6. Will clustering help or hurt your restaurant?
  7. Who are your competitors; where are they; and how viable are they?
  8. What is the supply and demand gap analysis for your target market?
  9. Based on competitors and supply and demand gaps, what is the best location decision you can make?

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