GIS for Marketing agencies connects consumers with clients. Yes, you sell products and services, but really, you sell ideas. If you can connect the right idea with the right consumer you have successfully served your customer. But how do you make those connections in today’s complex retail landscape? Geographic Informations Systems will help you match the right products and services to the right prospective buyers!

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Available Marketing GIS Data

Marketers can employ the following tools:

Consumer Data:

  • Consumer Demographics
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Family Size
    • Annual Income
    • Home owners vs. renters
  • Consumer Profiling
    • Reading Preferences
    • TV Viewing Preferences
    • Recreational Pastimes
    • Purchasing Patterns

Geographic Data:

  • Address Information
  • Community Profiling
  • Ethnicity
  • Home Values
  • Single Family/Multi Family/Mixed Use
  • Average Household Size

In addition to providing the current state of the information above, we can also project future growth patterns. It is also possible to create comparisons of a study area to state and national indexes.

Examples of GIS Marketing Information:

  • Supply and demand for retail products and services within a geographic area
  • Product and services expenditures including total per person and the index compared to national
  • Household income and home value trends

Business to Business Data

We can supply competitive information for any industry and help identify your clients strongest competitors. By creating a B2B Strategic Market Analysis you can help your clients identify areas of opportunity.

We can help you explore new markets and better understand existing markets.

Learn More about GIS Marketing data and how you can better serve your clients:

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