Company Overview

Company Name: Reflective Group

President/CEO: Mike Bosch

About Reflective Group

Mike Bosch

Mike Bosch, President/CEO

Reflective Group is a digital agency revolutionizing Small-Town America. We’re a diverse team of creatives, engineers, and strategists who help our clients solve a variety of business challenges. When a solution doesn’t exist, we build it.


Phone: 785-594-5011

Address: 622 High St Baldwin City, KS 66006


The Challenge

• Identify communities within the 6+ state service area that have from 5,000-100,000 in population that could be good targets for Reflective’s services.

• Within the targeted communities, identify targeted industry/businesses for potential customer prospecting.

• Within the targeted communities, identify communities that have existing broadband capability that could be exploited for potential growth opportunities.


The Solution

• Query the Places database to identify cities, towns, and communities with a population between 5,000 & 100,000.

• Using the list of “target” communities, query the InfoUSA Database to find potential target businesses.

• Provide a view of target community demographics and relevant expenditures.

• Overlay the available broadband networks on the targeted communities


The Implementation

Reflective Group Trade Area

Reflective Group Trade Area

Reflective Group Target Businesses

Reflective Group Target Businesses

Target Communities – Using the seven-state target area: AR, CO (East Slope), IA, KS, OK, MO, & NE, find communities with 5,000 to 100,000 in population; and review the findings with Mike Bosch to determine which communities to focus on for the target business analysis.

Target Businesses – To help fill in the required decision support data, the businesses located within those communities were extracted from the InfoUSA database of fourteen million US businesses, displayed in map form, and in data for in an Excel workbook for deeper analysis.

Demographics & Expenditures – For each target community a summary of demographics and key expenditure indicators were included.

Target Businesses

Target Businesses

Consumer Expenditures

Consumer Expenditures

Broadband Overlay – The next phase of this project will be to map the broadband network and Community Anchor Institutions: Schools, libraries, medical and healthcare providers, public safety entities, community colleges and other institutions of higher education, and other community support organizations and agencies that provide outreach, access, equipment and support services to facilitate greater use of broadband service by vulnerable populations, including low income, the unemployed and the aged.

The Results – Reflective Group completely overhauled their marketing strategy based on the insight gained from GeoWize. Reflective Group expects to hire 9 new employees and triple revenue to $1,400,000 in 2014.

Client Testimonial – When I first heard of GeoWize I thought, “Why would I need a Google Map for marketing?” Wow! Was I blown away with the research, data, and most importantly, insight. This insight has caused us to revamp our entire marketing strategy. And we’re already seeing results. I don’t know where we’d be without it.