Existing small businesses fall into three general categories:

  • Business to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • Hybrid Businesses

The GeoWize small business market development services will help you understand your customers, find more like them, and locate successful site for your growth and expansion strategies.

Business to Consumer

B2C establishments typically have a local trade area footprint, usually measured in mileage rings, driving miles, or driving time; unless they are a virtual e-Commerce business, in which case they could have a national or even international trade area. Restaurants like MacDonalds and family restaurants, retail stores like Penney’s and hobby stores, and service providers like healthcare providers and maid services are typical examples of business to consumer establishments.

Business to Business

B2B establishments provide products or services to other businesses. With the necessary infrastructure: communications, internet, & shipping their trade area footprint can easily be state wide, regional, national, or international. Manufacturers like 3M, Gates Rubber and Intel; distributors and wholesalers; and service providers like sub-contractors are all examples of business to business establishments.

Hybrid Businesses

Establishments that serve both consumers and other businesses are considered hybrid companies. Their trade area can consist of one area for their consumer business, and another larger area for their business to business enterprises. Restaurants that also cater to corporate meetings and parties, as well as plumbers that provide services to homeowners & other businesses all fall into this category.

Growing Your Business

Each of these types of establishments need and want more customers to grow. There are several ways to grow a customer base:

Consumer Prospecting

Business to Consumer customer prospecting starts with profiling existing customers, then identifying where there are more customers like your current customers. The GeoWize customer prospecting services not only help you understand your existing customers, they also show you exactly where to find more like them and how to connect with them so they become your customers.

Target Customer Profiles

Target Customer Profiles

Existing Customer Profiles

Existing Customer Profiles

 Growth by Acquisition

Another approach to growth is through acquisition, in other words buying one of your competitors. In order to accurately target the “right” acquisition targets it is necessary to get good, deep competitive intelligence. The GeoWize competitive intelligence services will show you where your competition is located, what their estimated annual revenue is, how many employees they have, and what their current credit rating is.

Growth by Expansion

Once a site is successful and thriving, the owner has a winning plan that can be replicated to new sites. Business owners can either secure the capital for the expansion themselves, or they can franchise the operation and allow the franchisees to pay for the expansion.

  • The GeoWize site prospecting services and packages provide the market and customer insight needed to acquire capital funding from investors , and to select the best sites possible.
  • Franchisers have special GIS needs: Franchisee territory design, map exhibits for franchisee agreements, customer profiling and site prospecting services.

GeoWize can provide all of the GIS support that your business needs for your growth and expansion goals.

Prospecting for Business Customers

The GeoWize data stores include 18 million US businesses, all categorized by business codes. To help you obtain a comprehensive understanding of your target market, a complete list of all target businesses within your target service area will be provided and mapped. Once you have defined your strategy, we can support you every step of the way with comprehensive contact lists of prospective customers. GeoWize has a whole series of packages to sere the business to business enterprise

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